Ultimate Slots Review

Slots games make up 70% of American casinos’ income. This is an incredibly huge market. It only makes sense that game developers tap into this market for much of their income, because players are always looking for a new game to enhance their gaming time.

Casinos continually add these new games to their portfolio to ensure players never get bored. When you log in on your favorite online casino, you’re therefore faced with a myriad slots games to pick from. You probably prefer certain themes or types of games, but you may wonder about finding the best games amongst the many.

This ultimate slots review will give you a few pointers on recognising which games are ideal for your taste. You can also look into the few games mentioned here and be certain of having an exceptional time, since their reputation is proof of their value.

Why do people love slots?

If you understand why you love slots, you may be able to pick the games that suit you the best. There are a few reasons for slots’ popularity and you’ll quickly see which reason fits your experience.

  • Slots are continuous:You don’t have to stop playing until you want to. There’s no end to the game as with card games, so you can decide how long you want to carry on at a specific machine. In the case of online gaming you can switch to a different game within seconds without even moving your seat. For days when you feel the need to simply unwind with no external interruptions, this is the ideal casino game to pick.
  • You're alone:People have the need to cut off from the world sometimes. By placing yourself in front of a slots game you don’t have to interact with anyone. Even on a casino floor you’re not dependent on other players for an outcome.
  • It's fast paced:You don’t have a moment of boredom or waiting with a slots game. The game can start as soon as you’re ready, with no time wasted on dealing cards or waiting on other players. You can play as many games as fast as you want and this creates an adrenaline rush.
  • Slots afford you sanctuary:You can get away from all life’s stress factors when you’re playing, because no person or issue has a say on the outcome of the game. This chance at escape is what makes slots so popular.
Which characteristic makes the most sense in your personal scenario? Simply pick games that essentially meet this requirement and you’ll be well on your way to finding a new favorite game.

What makes a slots game exceptional

When picking new slots games you don’t want to waste time on low quality gaming. Even if a casino site offers you the best games available, each game has certain benefits and outstanding features. See which of these features matter the most to you and pick games that score high in that area.


Even though you’re playing a game you want to escape reality for a while. Graphics assist in creating a different reality. The more detailed and defined the software’s graphics are, the more it will grab your attention & pull you into the game.

Game Play

You definitely don’t want a boring game. You want something that makes your adrenaline rush. See how much the following aspects are featured in a game. It will tell you how interesting the game play is.

  • Bonuses to chase
  • Jackpots to win
  • Twists and turns in a story line where applicable
  • Different levels to achieve
  • A variety of options such as line plays

The 4 ultimate slots games

Now that you know what to look for in a game, browse through these amazing slots games listed below. They’re known for their quality and has captured the attention of many online casino players. Will you be one of them?

Monkey Thunderbolt

This game is a favorite all over the Asian casino scene. Part of its value lies in its origin. The developers used a famous legend as foundation and offers you the chance to follow monkeys as they attempt at scaling the highest peak in the world. This will offer the monkey the honor of being Thunderbolt King. All you have to do is bet on which monkey will reach the top first.

Asteroids Slots

The layout of Asteroids Slots is quite unique. The well designed space theme already helps you to travel outside your immediate reality. While you have five reels as in many other slots games, the rows differ.

On the right and left side, only three symbols are shown. Of the second and fourth reel, only four symbols are shown and the reel in the middle gives you five symbols. This unique setup offers you a total of 720 ways to win.


This game’s name sounds hard core, and so is its element of fun. While symbols and pictures remind you of all your favorite action movies, you’ll love the Random Wilds & Bonus Rounds which make your chance at winning that much bigger. The coins spilling out over the screen whenever there’s a big win makes you experience winning in the best way possible.

Highway Kings Pro

This game is proof of how software developers keep on pursuing excellence. This game’s predecessor ‘Highway Kings’ was well designed in terms of graphics, but lacked features of excitement. Luckily the designers went back to the drawing board and the newest version has more bonuses and jackpot features. Players love chasing the elusive red trucks which bring you the best prizes, but thanks to excellent gaming ideas, you’ll also find many other ways of winning.

Slots games are very popular. Due to personal preference however, players have to be accurately matched to the games to increase their level of enjoyment. You can now rate games yourself by quickly gauging how they perform in the range of characteristics mentioned above. You know which characteristics are important to you, so pick your games accordingly and ensure hours of fun to escape from reality & relax.