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Since its inception, 918kiss, SCR888 Malaysia has become a house hold name for offering its players with a wide array of online casino games, rewarding promotions, a solid customer support service, as well as reliably fast and secure payouts.

The site has all its operations and services offered from within the country, a factor that has enabled them to provide tailored services to its Malaysian customers. The site also works hard to show that their players’ interests come fast by ensuring that they provide reliable services in all aspects of their operation.

Since SCR888 Malaysia values the quality of experience that you receive when at the site, they have a system whereby they work at developing a relationship with their customers that’s based on mutual trust and respect. Along these two lines, they ensure that you can get access to their services whenever you need to as well as having a customer support team on standby to offer the help whenever you need it.

Due to the increasing popularity of the site, we’ve decided to write a short yet detailed review about the site as well as provide a few SCR888 tips that will ensure you’ve had an easy time playing at the site.

SCR 888 Malaysia Review

Mobile Casino Games

The site is home to multiple mobile friendly games including the SCR888 Highway Kings II, the SCR888 Great Blue, the SCR888 Dolphin Reef, and the SCR888 Wukong. All these games are categorized as video slots and feature different themes and story lines. If you are the type of player who seeks games with HD graphics and flashy animations, you’ll be pleased to know that all these games will qualify in the mentioned sections.

Bonuses and Promotions

While this is a section that the site isn’t well endowed, SCR 888 Malaysia does have a few promotions that actually work. We say that actually work because there are plenty of sites that offer players bonuses and promotions that end up being a way that they just used to attract the players to the sites.

By signing up at the site, you are entitled to a 150% match deposit bonus up to a maximum of RM300 on the slots games of your choice. This means that for every deposit you make, you multiply it by 150% to get the amount of bonus money. For instance, if you deposit RM100, you’ll receive an extra RM150. This promotion is only limited to players who sign up through GD333.

Other promotions run by UW88, G3M, and MAS8 includes offering you a 100% deposit bonus on your first deposit and a 1% rebate on any slot game you decide to play.

Fairness of Casino Games

As part of their fairness policy, SCR888 Malaysia ensures that all the game’s results are fair and just. They do this by having a random number generator software installed in all of their video slot games. The RNG, as it is abbreviated, is a software that randomly generates numbers, which match the outcome of each game. By randomizing the results of the games, it ensures that the game’s outcomes are a true representation of what you should expect.

SCR888 tips and tricks that will increase your chances of winning

I’ve been a regular player at the SCR888 Malaysia casino and during the time that I’ve playing at the site, I’ve come across the SCR888 hack software. Apparently, this software is aimed at enabling players possessing it to hack the games offered at the site and consequently win the price tags.

**In reality, there’s nothing like the SCR888 hack that actually works. This is something that you should always have at the back of your mind. While multiple websites claim to have a software that will enable you to hack the online casino, I’m yet to see a GENUINE testimonial, who used the SCR888 hack and it worked. What I’ve however seen are players who have lost funds and had to learn the hard way that it’s impracticable to hack and win the site.

However, with the following SCR888 tips, you stand a chance of reducing the edge of the house and consequently increase your chances of winning.

  1. Always ensure that you bet maximum
    This means that you place the highest possible bet when playing any of the mentioned games. How is this beneficial to you? Maximum bets normally activates all the paylines on the game that you are playing and consequently increase your chances of winning. Furthermore, in the event of a win, the amount will be worth the wager
  2. Choose the download option over the flash option
    Download and install the SCR888 Malaysia on your mobile phone instead of playing it on the PC. The SCR888 Malaysia app increases the fun by enabling you to take the game wherever you are.
  3. Have a workable bankroll.
    In case you are wondering, a bankroll simply refers to a fixed amount of money that you have set aside for the purpose of playing video slot games. For example, you might want to set aside RM100, which will specifically be used for playing the games at the SCR 888 Malaysia casino.
    This shouldn’t be enough. Once you have a bankroll, subdivide it into different subdivisions, which should enable you to play and win before the RM100 gets depleted. Usually, the advisable subdivisions should be at least five.
  4. Play for fun before playing for real money
    You can always play all of the SCR888 Malaysia games for free thanks to the free option. This should always give you the momentum as you head towards playing the game using real money. If you are also new to the industry, it should enable you to familiarize yourself with the game’s features and rules and thus increase your chance of winning.