Rollex Casino Review

Online Casinos have been a big buzzword for the past few years, and the number of players visiting online casinos in Malaysia has never been higher. The providence of favorable gambling laws has seen most people access both the land based and online casinos freely, a factor that has seen more accountability and openness in the industry. The result is, there has been an ever-increasing number of casinos offering services to the excited Malaysian players.

One such casino is Rollex11 Casino. The reason why they chose the name remains a mystery to me and flabbergasts me. Was the owner a Rolex lover? Did he get into collaboration with Rolex to market them? That we shall never know but I plan on asking him this question in person once we meet.

One outstanding feature about Rolex11 Casino is perhaps it’s unique way of offering online casino services. Unlike other casinos that focus on the international markets, Rolex 11 Casino has focused on the Malaysian market. The result is that it delivers quality and superior services that best fit the local market. One particular feature that they best excel in delivering is the live casino games.

Rollex11 Live Casino Games

Rolex11 iconic live casino services presents you plenty of online casino games to choose including classic games and a few twist of modernised games. Thanks to this, you can enjoy an actual land based casino atmosphere from the comfort of your home. You can chat with the beautiful and friendly dealers as well as other players from around the country.

Sophisticated state of the art live video streaming

While there’s vague information on who powers the casino, we tend to believe its one of the best companies online. The groundbreaking software ensures that Rollex11 brings you the best quality live dealer games through a user-friendly interface. The games are readily available on the lobby so that you can easily access them with the click of the mouse or swipe of your finger.

Games available through the Rollex live streaming service

Download and sign up at Rollex 11 Casino for a chance of discovering world class entertainment of roulette. This is a simple and fast-paced game that lets you bet on the outcome of the spin of the roulette wheel. You can as well enjoy the thrills of blackjack and poker at through the live casino. Select a table and get a hand value of 21 to beat the dealer for a chance of winning some of Malaysia’s biggest real money pots.

Other Exciting Casino Games

Besides live casino games, Rollex Casino also offers you a chance of choosing from the widest range of video slots games. Some of the top titles include Safari Heat, Desert Treasure, Monkey Thunderbolt and Jackpot Giant, which comes with big tidings. All these games can be played only through the download version.

Rollex Tips – How to Guide on Rollex11 Casino

You might be having a lot of questions perhaps on how this online casino works. Well, I also had plenty at the time of visiting the site for the first time, but luckily I figured out how to start playing at the site. Lucky for you, we have plenty of Rollex tips that should enable you to have an easy time playing at the site.

Creating an account

The site is limited to Malaysian players only. Therefore, before you create an account, you’ve got to ensure that you have a Malaysian phone number and physically be located within the country. If you’ve met the mentioned requirements, you can then follow the procedure below.

  • Visit the official Rollex Casino website
  • Fill in the fields by providing your names as they appear on the National Registration Identity Card, and your telephone number too. Don’t also forget to enter your email address and clicking on the ‘Register’ button
  • You’ll receive a code on how to finish the registration process on your mobile phone

Playing the games

To play all the Rollex11 games, you need to have a mobile or computer desktop. Either one of this will enable you to download and install the Rollex Casino application through which you can play and enjoy all the games easily.

How does one download the Rollex11 iOS or PC app?

The Rollex11 PC app is readily available online for free. To download and install it, simply visit the homepage and at the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Desktop Download’ button to download and install the app. For players looking for a Rollex iOS app, unfortunately, there’s none that has been developed, but you can expect one soon. For Android users, you can download the Rollex11 Android app here.

Rollex Hack – Can you cheat your way to winning?

Absolutely not! As you’ve seen from the video above, the games are fair and just. You have no control on how you can hack and alter the game’s results. This also applies to the software based games as the game’s results are randomly generated using a Random Number Generator. The only way to win is to have a few Rollex Tips on how to play all the games properly and cross your fingers lady luck is on your side.

How about the Rollex hack tips online, don’t they work?

They never work because they are all scam! While the industry is fast growing, it has also seen an increase in number of scammers online, selling unrealistic and unreliable hacks and tips to players. We’ll repeat that the only way you can win while playing at Rolex11 is mastering all the game’s rules and have lady luck on your side.

**However, there are instances where you can use strategies such as the Martingale Betting Progression, the Double Down Strategy, the Fibonacci strategy among others to lower the house edge. They are also not to depend on as they aren’t 100% win proof but when correctly used, they can significantly lower the house edge and give you a shot of winning.