Club Suncity - Club Suncity Playboy Malaysia

Online gaming keeps evolving thanks to the quality of work done by game developers. Many of these developers work nonstop to enhance players’ experiences. Microgaming and IGS are two of these game developers who offer you high quality games with an entertaining twist.

Club Suncity Slots games

IGS brings you an exciting slots option with Club Suncity. Players from Malaysia and many other Asian countries already rate this as one of the best slots games available. You can log onto one of your favorite online casino sites, navigate to the Club Suncity portal and enjoy the array of games available.

IGS is based in Taiwan. The game developer understands the needs and preferences of the Asian market & design its games in line with these guidelines. Many players from Malaysia vouch for this through their extreme love of the game Monkey Story Plus, which offers all the features Malay gamers search for. IGS’ games include multiplayer games, which give online gaming the additional benefit of connecting with others, while relaxing.

Enjoy unique variety

Slots games are a favorite of many casino players, bringing in almost 70 percent of revenue in certain countries. Developers know variety in slots games is as important as quality, because the games need to stay interesting. With Club Suncity players are offered many options, most of them being arcade type slot games.

What prompts many players to stick with Club Suncity is that the games found on this platform won’t necessarily be available elsewhere. IGS has developed several games specifically for Club Suncity, turning your gaming session into an exclusive casino experience. Games include Fish catching, Racing Machine and the famous Monkey Story.

Enjoy quality

IGS ensures that quality is achieved in many gaming aspects. Each of their games will feature their signature characteristics which include amazing graphics. A game is much more entertaining when it offers visual stimulation. IGS’ graphics are detailed so players enjoy realistic backgrounds and animations.

Enjoy versatility

Club Suncity aims to make slots games accessible and enjoyable for everyone. It uses a few approaches to keep to this standard.


Many jackpots on the Club Suncity slots are progressive. This turns an exciting game into an extreme one. Players love the process of watching a jackpot grow with each play and gathering their courage once more when it’s won & reverts to the original amount. This means your adrenaline keeps racing, because each time you play a game the odds and rewards change. This is what makes slots games a winning casino game option.


You can enjoy Club Suncity while perched in front of your desk and computer, but you can also enjoy it elsewhere. Thanks to a Club Suncity app offered by Apps Developer 668, you can download the software to your Smartphone. You can then enjoy the wide range of slots games everywhere you go.

The application doesn’t require extensive space on your phone’s internal memory. Most Smartphones will easily handle the size and features. As long as you have an Android operating system, you can easily have access to your favorite slots.

Realize the limitations

The Club Suncity platform only offers slots games. You won’t find live casino games in its portfolio. You may see this as unfortunate, but the benefit is that the developer focuses on one specific gaming aspect—slots—and give players the ultimate experience in that genre of gaming.

When you access the Club Suncity platform via a casino site such as SBOBET, you can still revert to live games when your mood prompts you. The slots at Club Suncity will most likely beckon you to return soon though.

Playboy Slots

Microgaming originates from the Isle of Man. This company has been part of the online casino world for over 20 years. Its developers promise to deliver quality with each game they offer to the public and you can prepare yourself for an exciting twist with each one you try out. This is no different with their Playboy Online Slots game which you can now find on many betting sites.

A famous theme

Microgaming partnered the simple joys of slots games with the famous Playboy theme and luckily the combination works. You could have played many slots games in your life, but this one will still raise your adrenaline levels for various reasons.

The Playboy theme is synonymous with beautiful women and pleasure. Thanks to the impressive graphics used by Microgaming, these same characteristics feature in the Playboy Slots game.

Exceptional features

The graphics

Microgaming uses quality graphics in their games. The graphics show detail and definition. This means the ladies joining you on the screen in a Playboy slots game, can look very real to you. This adds a personal aspect to the game, while you can also appreciate their beauty.

The play

Every game offers you chances of winning through a five reel slot. You can try betting on all 243 combinations, or simply enjoy the many other ways of winning. This slots game is not progressive, but many built in features keep the game interesting, even when playing for a long time:

  • The following features give the game some twists and turns:
    • Wilds
    • Running Wilds
    • Free Spins
    • Scatters
    • Wild Nights
    • Rolling Winds
  • Different girls in the game offer you different bonuses, so try latching onto one of them:
    • Kimi offers 10 free spins
    • Sofia gives 15 spins if you’re on the Running Wild feature
    • Ashley gives up to 20 spins
    • Jillian allows you 25 free spins if you’re playing the Wild Night feature

Your online experience can be enhanced by including the correct type of games in your playing time. Club Suncity, Playboy and other games invented by these exceptional developers mentioned here are wise options to consider. By doing some research about the games offered to you, you can determine which ones are worth attempting. The correct decisions will guarantee fun, but also afford you ideal ways of winning your next bonus or even a jackpot.