Allbet Review

It’s exciting to witness a new gaming candidate’s rise through the ranks. If you keep an eye on Allbet gaming, you’ll soon see that this brand is a force to be reckoned with. They harness all technological resources available on today’s market and manage to give online players exactly what they’re in search for. Read through this Allbet review and discover your reasons to visit the site as soon as possible.

Exceptional features

Real experience

Supporters of land based casinos will easily shift to Allbet’s live online gaming sessions. In the comfort of your own home you can have many of the same benefits as on the casino floor. A stylish atmosphere is created thanks to the décor of Dragon Hall, which you see while viewing a game table and placing your bets on the online dashboard.

Dealers are real people so it’s not simply a computer simulated experience. You can follow how the real cards are being dealt and therefore you know there’s no chance of a software program getting the better of you.

When standing beside any gaming table, players tend to lean in to check on results or bets. Even this is made possible on Allbet’s site. Whenever a game of Roulette’s ball is about to come to a standstill, a camera will zoom in to show you exactly what’s going on. Allbet thought about every detail while designing your experience.


In the background, music is played which adds another layer of luxury to your online experience. As in land based casinos the atmosphere is complemented via the use of sound. However, you’re in charge of your casino experience so if you prefer silence, you simply need to turn down the volume of your computer. All prompts from the dealers will also be written on the screen, so you won’t miss anything.

State of the art technology

Allbet goes to great lengths to ensure players are supported by the benefits of technology. Software provided by GamingSoft is used. GamingSoft’s software has enabled online casinos to provide secure gaming to players for over a decade. Its software is known for its quality and functionality the world over. Players on Allbet’s platform can therefore rest assured that their play will be a smooth one.


You’ll find the dashboard on the Allbet site is brilliantly designed. It offers you the following features:

  • Effortless betting by clicking on the chips icons.
  • Confirmation of bets so you don’t make accidental bets.
  • Updated account total.
  • You can ask questions by simply clicking on the ‘Query’ button.
  • Updated statistics about the current game.
  • You can easily navigate to other Allbet features such as the VIP platform or even picking a different dealer.
  • The live feed of your current game is in view so you can follow the detail of each game.


Allbet gives attention to detail by picking beautiful young women as dealers on the casino floor. Each dealer’s name is featured and players can pick a dealer they prefer. This is ideal for individuals who trust a certain dealer from past games. By showing their names your online experience becomes much more realistic and personal.


Allbet makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the casino floor, even those who have never tried the games before. On the Allbet site you can view tutorials about the different games. With informative videos available in English as well as Eastern languages, anyone can become a Baccarat champion in no time.

Variety of games

Allbet knows that variety is key to making an online casino enjoyable. You’ll love the many options of games available.


This old time favorite can be played with live dealers handling the spins. Camera angles give you a bird’s eye view of the table which is even more beneficial than standing next to it on a casino floor. You don’t have to compete for space since you’re safe at home in a comfortable seat.


Baccarat is taken very seriously and when you’re playing for high stakes, privacy is key. What better seat to play it from than the comfort of your own home and your money safely in an account, rather than carrying chips with you.


On a real casino floor you’ll have to wait for games to begin as everyone is taking their seats or while a previous game is winding down. This is no different on Allbet’s site, though you’ll never have to wait excessively long for your game to start. Book your seat at a specific table and enjoy the electronic gaming module while you wait.

Allbet offers a range of games in the Electronic Gaming Hall. Simply click the appropriate buttons on your screen and enjoy some light hearted fun. Remember that Allbet is focused on providing a quality live casino experience. This site’s electronic gaming won’t be on par with many other casino sites, but it’s more than sufficient to entertain you while you wait.


Allbet has a wide spectrum of games and it includes ones that are especially loved by players in Malaysia, Indonesia and other Eastern countries:

  • SicBo
  • Dragon Tiger

Enjoy it anywhere

Allbet offers a mobile version of their services. The software is able to give you an exhilarating casino experience even if you only have a Smartphone with you. This means you’ve shifted from visiting a casino to taking your casino with you wherever you go.

Safety and security

Allbet values the safety and security of its players. As proof of this, the GamingSoft software is tested by GLI and therefore meets the Isle of Man standard. Allbet is licensed by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation and Cagayan Economic Zone Authority. Therefore this Asian casino site meets international standards and offers its players a safe gaming experience.

If casino tables are your favorite pass time, you’ve found a way of visiting them effortlessly and frequently by registering on Allbet today. With its attention to detail and excellent gaming software, this casino site is set to impress many future players.