AG Gaming Review

When AG gaming was launched in 2012, the main objective was to be the best online casino in Asia and beyond. They have not disappointed. All along, they have focused on creating the most convenient platform to guarantee players the best gaming experience. Using their panoramic HD quality interface, every player is sure of getting a unique experience that will make him keep coming back for more. Unlike other emerging casinos that only focus on the latest games, the AG casino provides traditional Asian games as well as the modern versions.

A closer look at the AG gaming interface and casino access

To play on the AG casino, you can either use the desktop version or the mobile app. First, you need to access the casino on their website from any browser and create a wagering account. This account provides every detail about your operations including personal details, banking options, and gaming history. It is important to ensure that every personal detail rhymes well to make banking easy and fun. If you want to access the online casino from the phone, you are required to download the app and install it to start gambling. Remember that though you can still play using the browser version, the casino encourages people to use the App because it is more secure compared to the browser version.

The AG gaming interface has stood out compared to other casinos in Malaysia and internationally. The panoramic HD quality provides enthralling interaction for users to make gaming more organic. The interface has a lovely layout that makes access to all features easy and gives a good impression that is free from clutter. From the main operation bar at the top, you can jump to the live casino, slot games, live games, and FAQ section.

The AG gaming products

  • Live dealer products

The live casino platform on Asia Gaming comes with some features that allow you to select the preferred games. These features (lobbies) include Multiplay, VIP, BID, AGIN, and AGQ. The games are streamed live from the casino studios so that players can pick their options and game in their preferred language.

Every lobby comes with additional features that differentiate it from others. For example, some lobbies have ‘wait for me sub-feature’ that allows the player control the game's rhythm, change dealer, and squeeze the cards. Though the lobby system might look a little complicated and need some time to learn, they make the games more authentic. It is important to amply practice before using the lobbies to raise chances of winning ion every game.

  • The live dealer games

The Asia Gaming live dealer games are extensive and target giving every person a chance to choose a perfect fit. You can opt to play the Bull Bull, SicBo, Roulette, Dragon Tiger, and Baccarat among others.

Baccarat:This is one of the top games in AG online gaming platform. The game comes with a lot of variations and can be played in all the four lobbies. You can either play the traditional baccarat or go for the ultra modern design called squeezing the cards.

Sic Bo:Sic Bo is a dice game that many Malaysians and other Asians have a special attachment to. The AG gaming provides a number of winning odds on the Sic Bo when playing online.

Bull Bull: This is one of the traditional card games that were practiced more in Chinese cities of Guangdong and Jiangsu. Now, it has become a popular betting game in Malaysia and all over the world. The main feature of the game is its fast rhythm in online casinos. It is important to get all the basics of the game to raise the chances of winning against opponents in this game.

Support services review

To make playing more enjoyable, AG gaming has opened multiple channels for clients to communicate to its support. Players can communicate to the management by visiting the contact us section and sending emails for a quick reply. Besides, they can also call the casino directly using the numbers provided on the website. By ensuring that the support staff are available and can respond to all queries on a 24/7 basis, the casino guarantees users of great experience whether playing live or slot games.

To make it easier for new bettors to start gaming and enjoy winning more on the casino, it has a comprehensive FAQ page. If you follow the page and interact with the support well, it will only take a very short time to start gaming like a pro.

While most of the other casinos greatly restrict their support to direct calls and live chats, AG gaming maintains a great presence on social media especially Facebook. This has enabled it to build a strong community and build trust in the gambling world.

While the support of the casino is no doubt one of the best because of its professionalism, it still lags behind for lack of a live chat. Because a live chat makes users get the feeling they are talking to the management, they enjoy being part of the system. However, its absence in the AG casino makes users feel passive and less motivated.

Pros of AG casino

  • The casino app is very effective, fast, and responsive. It also operates on multiple operating systems including iOS and Android.
  • The casino has very authentic games and operational model that make gaming feel engaging.
  • The casino is very active on its social media pages that make it easy for players to connect with its community.

Cons of AG casino

  • The casino does not operate as a sportsbook. This greatly limits the options of players on the casino.
  • The system especially the lobby model is very complicated, and newbies have to take a lot of time mastering it before they can play like experts.
  • The casino lacks a live support that other casinos use to make their clients more active and engaged.

The final verdict

The AG gaming is one of the most promising online casinos in Malaysia and entire Asia. Its unique products and commitment to strengthening its community through social media have endeared it to more people including non-gamblers. Though it has some shortcomings such as not operating as a sportsbook, we strongly recommend it to those who prefer playing slot games.